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Multiple Return Points ARE Bad

May 9, 2014

What a troll; writes almost-correct article that takes strong position on controversial subject, over-elaborates, and then on crucial point in the argument makes a gaping subject error. Shaaaaame. I came here for wisdom, and I leave empty-handed and very disappointed.

For the record, here’s the mistake: “So if false is returned, we know that isEnabled() returned false, so none of the object state that this method affects was altered.” Bullshit! It could also be that counter was incremented beyond 5, and false is returned AFTER “doing stuff”.

Also, the MR example was shitty; only the “exceptional” or “unreasonable” arguments or states should be guarded, and there multiple return points are NOT bad (basically same as exceptions), and of course later in the code they should be avoided. I’m sure there’s a gray area between “beef” of a function and guards, but surely in the “beef” you shouldn’t have MRP.

Anyhow, to feed the troll and vent off my frustration with “Both comments and pings currently closed”: is an asshole and incompetent when it comes to coding. Never take code review suggestions from him seriously.

Over and out.


Hello world!

April 1, 2010

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